March 24th, 2008



Oh Ive been a bad girl, a very bad girl, so bad that my sweet mother and brave father have abducted me and moved country (!) to get me away from all those bad influences (hello, bad influences) that turned me from a good girl into a bad girl. Like Emily the Strange, only worse. That's what my parents think. They've heard of Emily the Strange. They haven't heard of Dita von Teese or the Suicide Girls.

If you want to know where I am then ma and pa have put up this really lame blog and stuck a load of pics on flickr. Check it out, guys.

Before we left Twin Peaks they closed down all my sites, myspace and everything. I am ‘making a new start in a new place'. We are all ‘making a new start'.

But, hey, Im back. Gangster for liiiiife. I found this laptop belonging to Jane or Mary Jane, the girl whose room I am camping out in, and camping out, darling. (It smells strange. Like an animal lives in it. A small animal. Fluffy, but incontinent.) And Mary Jane's ancient laptop has wireless. And next door or somewhere nearby has an airport station, password is PASSWORD, woo-hoo. So, here I am – until they find me out, which they will. They found out about all the other stuff, didn't they? (Hah! five percent of it.)

They even took away my cellphone, but I still have my camera, so I can show you things. Like for example here is the Bookshelf of Mary Jane.

My gmail which I just set up is slicequeen08(at)gmail(dot)com, if you want to rescue me from this tarpit of tedium into which I am being dragged by long-tentacled beasties of boredom.

So we've moved into this creepy old house, which is great. All their stuff is here – the family who we swapped with. There's no space for anything. I'm going to be living out of my case till the end of the month, while my parents go househunting. What's best is the family have left absolutely everything behind. They are called, get this, Joey and Betty. Ive already found Joey's pornstash and Betty's vibrator. These people are shameless. Scratch that. They are small stuff.

How about this for a spooky doll's house in my room.

I miss all you guys so much. Even the ones who were stalking me.

Okay, especially the ones who were stalking me.
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