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I saw the rabbit! A really big, long rabbit.

It came out of the wall, let me repeat that for those at the back, it came out of the wall, crapped a little, then ran out of my room – I followed it – down the stairs, around the corner, out the cat-flap, into the garden.

I went out into the garden, and the lawn was beaten down where the rabbits tracks went – easy to follow. All the way to the back wall where there is a hole, under the ivy, just too narrow for me to get through. It goes into a brick wall and was very dark at ten o'clock at night. I didn't have a flashlight. I wasn't properly equipped. Next time, I will be, I promise.

The bricks are really weak, pink, crumbly and old. English. I'll wait until my parents are out househunting tomorrow morning, then attack it with the hammer I have just found in the utility room.

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